Report on NW Equality Committee – Provided by Branch BAME Officer

NW Equality Meeting 19th April 2016

Venue: Santander UK PLC, Bootle


Barrie Taylor (NW Regional Equality Officer)

Jacqui Stewart (NW Regional Equality Secretary)

Frank Shaw

Peter Pacal

Zesh Aslam

Clare Drummond

Rob Alldritt

Pam Taylor

Ste Awang


2016 Midweek Conferences – Potential issue for the Disability conference.

Venue is in Belfast. Discussed possible issues, due to the extra travelling needed.

Flying into Belfast airport, rather than just being able to travel by train to destination.


More details to follow regarding possible change of venue and dates.


2016 Equality Seminar – Seminar is due to be held before the Equality Conferences. No date yet.

Venue CWU HQ (Full Day Event)

Guest Speaker found by Jackie Stewart (NW Regional Equality Secretary) during a train journey.

Dave Heeley (nicknamed “Blind” Dave) is the first blind person to complete the seven marathon challenge.

Seven marathons ran over seven continents, over seven days.

Dave is also the author of “From Light to Dark”

Chris Tapa will be contacted by Officer/Secretary, regarding the dates for both the conferences and seminar.

Motions for Equality Conferences – Asked to check newspapers for stories that may help with motions for the conferences. Discussed the Handout from the NW AGM Equality Meeting. Story was about an “Excessively micromanaged” council worker from Staffordshire who took her own life.

Site Visits – Capita is now a new branch that has never been visited. Construction work limits visits to the site until the end of Sep. Working Committee agreed upon to spearhead preparations for this Event.

Funding – Percentage of Union funds is ring fenced for equality work in every branch. Speak to Carl Webb and try to arrange a central pot to be used for Regional Equality Issues / Events. It was noted that the NW has an outstanding track record in this area. (This is also Prop 24 at General Conference)

Next Meeting – Venue is BT Building, Lancaster. 12th July. Guest Speaker Dr Paul Simpson

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