CWU & Royal Mail National Uniform Trial – Female Tops

Further to LTB, 590/17 dated 3rd November 2017, which updated Branches on a number of general uniform matters including the agreed trial of two new female tops.


Following a review of the trial and the two tops it can now been confirmed that Royal Mail will be adding the two female tops of a “sholo” (which is a mix of a polo top back and blouse front) and a blouse to its official uniform range in September this year. Both tops were on display at this year’s CWU Annual Conference.


The two female-fit tops will be available to order via a ‘soft launch’ which means that female members will be able to order the tops in line with their individual uniform allocation entitlement.


The trials of the tops started back in December 2017 and involved some 500 female employees covering 26 workplaces across Delivery/Processing/Distribution, and whilst there has been some minor alterations to the garments including the adding of extra buttons, the reshaping of pockets, cuffs and sleeves being widened and pleats being added to the back of the blouse to allow more movement, the overall initial designs of both tops has remained.


The official roll out of these two new female gender specific tops is a welcomed development in addition to the other current female uniform items and we hope will be welcomed by our female members.


The department would like to place on record our thanks to Katie Dunning, CWU ASR, West London Postal Branch and Karen Regan, CWU women’s officer, Warrington Mail Centre Branch, for their assistance in the trial.


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