CWU Motions To Labour Party Conference

Please find attached to this LTB copies of the union’s two motions, as agreed by the NEC, to this year’s Labour Conference, which cover the future of Royal Mail and the wider world of work campaign for a four day/shorter working week.

The Future of Royal Mail Motion

 This motion is very timely given the major dispute we are currently involved in and outlines the union’s vision for Royal Mail in public ownership, building on Labour’s commitment to re-nationalise Royal Mail at the earliest opportunity, and expresses solidarity to CWU members in the current dispute.

As set out in the motion we are calling for: a new model of democratic public ownership for Royal Mail embedding the voice of the workforce and the public in decision-making; re-uniting it with the Post Office, with a new publicly owned Post Bank; maximum pay ratios of 20:1 which would end the huge pay packets being given to executives; a renewed commitment to the 6 day universal service and the legal protections banning insecure employment models and preventing the break-up of Royal Mail Group; and any surplus (profit) to be re-invested in Royal Mail to expand the role of postal workers and provide tailored services locally to address structural letter decline.

We believe the motion will resonate with our representatives and members, particularly with the ongoing dispute and it’s important they know that Labour supports them and has a positive vision for Royal Mail, the Post Office and the postal industry for the future.

The motion also sends the strongest possible signal to the Royal Mail Group Board and senior management, that in the event of a Labour election victory, the company will not only be renationalised but we will also see a fundamental shift in both its direction and the manner in which it is run.

The Wider World of Work Campaign for a Four Day/Shorter Working Week

This second motion calls for Labour to commit in its next manifesto to rolling out a four day, or 32

hour gross, working week with no loss of pay within a decade which we have policy to campaign on from CWU Conference.  We believe working-time is a major issue in the UK where we have longer hours, longer working lives and worse holiday entitlements than almost any other country in Europe.  All workers are under increasing pressure and given that we are on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, it is essential that workers gain a major benefit from the increased use of technology, automation and artificial intelligence.


Those who have been following the position the union has taken at the TUC and the leading role we are playing in the campaign for a new deal for workers, will see that the CWU is pursuing its strategy to connect our industrial and political agendas.

We would ask branches to debate and circulate these motions to all our representatives and any members who are planning on going to Labour Conference and ask them to support, and if possible speak on, these when they are there.

As we did at TUC, we will be using the union’s social media channels to provide updates from Labour and progress with these motions.

Any queries on the contents of this LTB should be addressed to

Yours sincerely

Dave Ward

General Secretary

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