CWU and Royal Mail Joint Statement on Road Safety Campaign January 2018

Nearly one quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur at slow speed during reversing.(Health & Safety Executive). Slow speed collisions are a particular issue for Royal Mail Group accounting for 50% of all our Road Traffic Collisions (RTC). Many reversing accidents do not result in injury but low speed collisions may injure pedestrians, other vulnerable road users, cause third party collisions and cause costly damage to vehicles, equipment and premises. Most of these incidents can be avoided by taking simple precautions.


During this Road Safety Campaign we aim to reduce these types of RTCs with Royal Mail and CWU working together focusing on these types of collisions so that drivers can be coached, trained and supported.


What to do first?

To manage the risks from workplace transport effectively, slow manoeuvring generally and reversing in particular, Unit Managers, CWU Safety Reps and drivers need to consider three key areas:

  • Safe site
  • Safe vehicle
  • Safe driverWorking Together To Improve Safety!
  • Managers will be carrying out Driver and Vehicle Safety SMATs, Yard Safety SMATs and Yard Risk Assessments.
  • Area Safety Reps will be asked to carry out Safety Inspections concentrating on Slow Manoeuvring, driver and vehicle safety and yard safety.
  • A Special Poster, Guidance Note, Checklist and WTLL will be produced and circulated to all Units.
  • Managers, SHE Advisors and Area and Workplace Safety Reps are encouraged to work together on the campaign.
  • ASRs and WSRs will be fully involved, consulted and will input into the campaign locally.


  • There are two new training courses available to Drivers, who are encouraged to attend these courses. They are the ‘slow maneuvering course’ and ‘one hour driver safety short course’.


Royal Mail and the CWU agree that the safety of the workforce is paramount. Vehicle and driver safety, road risk, slow maneuvering and reversing safely are top priorities for us all. Please support this Road Safety Campaign.




Dr. Shaun Davis

Royal Mail Group

Global Director of Safety, Health,

Wellbeing & Sustainability



Dave Joyce

Communication Workers Union

National Health, Safety & Environment Officer


8 January 2017


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