Attendance Agreement – Update


Further to LTB 185/18 we have had further meetings and conference calls with Royal Mail.

The discussions to date have included the impact of the new Occupational Health Contract introduced by Royal Mail, decisions taken around the Equality Act within the Attendance Agreement, lack of proper justification given when managers are issuing Attendance Reviews, Contact Strategy not being adhered to and threats to / actual stoppage of pay.

During our meetings we have made progress and it is agreed we will jointly undertake the following:

Joint Visit to HR Service Centre – Sheffield

On Thursday 19th April we will visit HR Service Centre in Sheffield with Royal Mail.

The visit will encompass the following:-

  • Gain a full understanding of the team structures within Sheffield.
  • Understand the referral step process for Occupational Health Referrals including how referrals are received, what options are looked at prior to a decision being made about whether an Occupation Health meeting / consultation is permitted. If it is not permitted, who provides advice to the Manager and what advice is given?
  • Meet with Members of OH Assist / first class support to discuss and understand the OH services, including services employees can access directly.


An e-Learning product relating to the Equality Act is being designed and will be available with effect from May 2018. It is intended that this product will be made available to managers and union representatives once launched.

The Attendance Agreement

There will be a joint statement ensuring compliance to the reaffirming the terms and spirit of the Attendance Agreement.

Contact Strategy

The joint statement on the contact strategy will be updated and reissued to ensure that appropriate contact in line with the Agreement is maintained during periods of absence.

Training Review

We are currently reviewing a number of cases to establish where learning/training opportunities exist and can be provided.

Guidance for dealing with Attendance Reviews

Re-training and re-communication of the Attendance Review Meetings Guide will take place. If the manager decides to issue a formal notification they should ensure that the process set out in the Attendance Policy has been followed including providing rationale for their decision and any actions agreed.

We will keep you informed of progress via further Letters to Branches.

Any enquiries regarding the content of this LTB should be addressed to the PTCS Department, quoting reference number 415 email:

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